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"Interfinancial Credit KFT" have structured its activity to provide a range of professional services, which would add value to the development of our clients business.



InterfinancialCredit KFT” can provide qualitative services and perform an evaluation of your company’s financial reports and records to come up with comprehensive analyze.
Our appraisal will allow you have factual information about financial health of your company. Things like cash, accounts receivable, accounts payable, assets etc. can be all established within a professionally made up balance sheet.

Through auditing we aim to ensure that the information is reliable and is in accordance with established rules and regulations.

Business advisory

InterfinancialCredit KFT” is an independent company delivering distinguished services on the full range of transactional activity an come with various solutions. Our service is individual, partner driven and effective.

 We are providing business consulting as well as brokerage services internationally to suggest innovative solutions on the wide range of transactional activity. Weather it is an investment advice to come with a research on the most secure an suitable solution or weather it is consulting  on crediting and project implementation resources or if it is commodities exchange business to suggest the best offer and research on the market. We are proven at identifying, contacting and negotiating with potential purchasers, sellers.


"InterfinancialCredit KFT" can be at service to you and your business with reliable accounting services. You can benefit of our experienced professional staff providing a full range of accounting services. You’ll be provided with facts from our services which will allow you to ease and complete your need to make effective management decisions, reduce your costs and enhance your efficiency. 
Take advantage of our advice on setting up or improving systems, preparation of annual and periodic accounts, thus assure you a relief of this burden.




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